About Us

Bank.codes is a directory of the various codes used by financial institutions around the world. This includes SWIFT codes, IBAN numbers, US routing numbers, and more. As well as comprehensive directories of these codes, we have a range of checkers and calculator tools to help you find the correct bank code for whatever money transfer you're carrying out.

Please note that we cannot assist with payment enquiries - Bank.codes exists only to provide you with codes, and we are not a financial institution. Please do not send any personal or payment information to us.

Bank.codes is now owned and operated by Wise (formerly TransferWise). The site was acquired by Wise for its API product, so that we can offer this to our business and enterprise customers. By continuing to run Bank.codes, we ensure that its global user base benefits from the most accurate and up-to-date information reasonably available. The site is now available in 13 languages, meaning we can help over half a million users find the appropriate bank code every month.